Most of  us are too busy making a living. We exist within our daily routine, but no longer appreciate our actual life. We’re extremely preoccupied with massive responsibilities in many aspects of our lives, such as academic, financial, career, household chores, etc.

Sometimes, it is too late to realize that you are already emotionally and mentally struggling. The worse part is, you are no longer mindful that you are experiencing some symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental illness.

Never exhaust yourself and reach your breaking point. Listen to your body and mind. Checkout for the signs to figure out that you need help from a friend, or to a mental health professional. Likewise, identify when you need to take a relaxing break.

15 Warning Signs That You Need Help:

  1. Inability to sleep or sleeping too much.
  2. Binge eating and drinking to cope with your stress.
  3. Unexplainable body pains.
  4. Overlook to take care of personal hygiene.
  5. Decreased or increased appetite.
  6. Self-isolation.
  7. Inability to feel pleasure in daily activities, including weekends and holidays.
  8. Constant procrastination on your responsibilities.
  9. Severe mood swings.
  10. Persistent irritability.
  11. Excessive feeling of worthlessness.
  12. Changes in appetite and weight.
  13. Difficulty in concentrating.
  14. Absence of clear life goals
  15. Feeling as if you no longer know yourself anymore.