Edward Wittenberg was born to Hungarian immigrant parents who started a successful printing and packaging business which evolved into an investment firm in 2006. After completing his degree in philosophy, he joined the family business as well as obtaining a commercial flying license and working as a flight instructor.

Having overcome a battle with debilitating insomnia and the subsequent fallout from that, Edward has dedicated the past 6 years to building Lyf App, a hybrid social media/mental health app that promotes compassion and well-being amongst its users. Hence the Tagline : Social that cares.

“My own past experiences have formed the backbone of the Lyf concept. In many ways, I have created an app which provides what I would have wanted/needed during my struggle but was either not technologically possible or just simply not available.

For example, one of the things that I wanted most was to talk to other people who had been through what I was going through. None of my family or close friends could help. Through no fault of their own, no matter how much they listened or sympathised, none of them could relate. I felt alone, like I was the only one in the world who couldn’t sleep. The ability to meet others who can relate to any struggle is paramount to the Lyf App experience. Hence the creation of Lyf Link, an important part of the app that anonymously and instantly connects two users who are struggling with the same areas of their lives. The users can choose to reveal their identity and become lyf friends if they click.

Another thing I wanted but was unable to find was professional advice or guidance at the time I was struggling, often at 3am, not tomorrow or in a week’s time or when I next had an appointment at a professional’s convenience. As a result, I created lyf support which is instantly available at any time including the middle of the night. It’s always there at exactly the time you want to talk.

Lyf App is important because no matter how perfect people’s lives may seem to be on mainstream social media, every person has a struggle of some sort. Whether it’s a relationship problem, a mental health issue, grief, addiction, grappling with one’s own gender or sexuality, illness, injury, dilemma or challenge of any kind.”

In the future, Edward plans to grow Lyf so that it becomes the most widely used global platform to assist with life struggles. Lyf Link will be there so that people all around the world can feel less lonely and more connected. Lyf Support will be there so that people have access to immediate 24/7 text based professional guidance and Lyf App will be there to provide a much needed alternative to mainstream social media.