Lyf Support Offers Professional Mental Health Advice 24/7

We all need someone to talk to about things in life, but we don’t always feel like we have someone there–let alone, someone who understands. Lyf support is exactly that–someone who can listen & offer their advice. Someone who understands you.

Our Mission is to Improve the Mental Health of the World.

Life can be full of challenges, struggles and open-ended questions. We created Lyf App so you don’t have to face them alone. Our Mental Health Professionals are here to provide their support and help you navigate what you’re going through. No matter what your struggle or interest, our judgement-free community is here to offer support. Because in Lyf, you are never alone.

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Professional Support Anytime, From Anywhere.

Rather than waiting hours or days to be matched with a professional, Lyf is ready for you in an instant. All one-on-one chats are always private and secure.

“A ray of sunshine in a day that otherwise can sometimes feel pretty dreary”.

“This app was created so nobody has to face their issues alone. No matter what someone’s struggle or interest, real people are talking about it on Lyf”.