Mindful Manifestation: Harnessing the Power Within to Conquer Anxiety

If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety, or find yourself currently weighed down by anxious thoughts, then you aren’t alone. It seems that the demands of modern life are leaving more people than ever living up in their heads, suffering from symptoms of worry, stress and anxiety.

The good news is there are many effective ways to manage anxiety. Techniques such as mindfulness, positive mantras, and meditation can play a key role in helping you to feel empowered again and ready to transform your life. 

Read on to discover more about manifestation and how you could benefit from taking a more mindful approach to your anxiety.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of co-creating our reality, bringing our thoughts, dreams and desires to life. Everything around us is made of energy, and that includes our thoughts too. Each thought contains an energetic vibration that can help shape our actions and, in turn, manifest the things that we want. 

Manifestation takes a conscious effort to focus on the things that you want to bring into your life. It is a powerful way to take control of your life and shape it in the way that you dream of.

What is the Mindful Approach to Anxiety?

Approaching anxiety in a mindful way will help you to focus on the present moment and meet your thoughts and feelings exactly where they are. Many people find success using affirmations for anxiety, and other mindful techniques, to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Symptoms might include worry, overthinking, lack of focus, and negative thoughts. Becoming more mindful stops us from over-catastrophizing when we begin to feel these symptoms and, instead, teaches us to become the observer of these feelings.  

Benefits of Manifestation for Anxiety

Manifestation is often talked about in terms of bringing about your dreams and desires. But it also has benefits for anxiety that you may not have heard about. Here are a few of the ways that manifestation can help anxiety and your overall mental health: 

1. It helps you to become more present

Focusing on your dreams in the present moment, and visualising an outcome, has benefits for anxiety. When we are present, we are able to listen to the sound of the universe, and our mind is less likely to run away with thoughts. 

2. It improves your mindset

Manifestation allows us to identify negative thoughts and change our mindset so that we get into better habits. Increasing your positivity levels and introducing more positive self-talk will help anxiety symptoms. 

3. It helps you to feel more in control

When we manifest, we focus on what we can create. This, in turn, helps us to feel more in control and less consumed by anxiety. 

Manifestation Techniques for Anxiety

Here are some different ways that you can introduce manifestation techniques into your life through mindful practices:

1. Practicing mantras

Using positive mantras for anxiety will serve as a focus for your attention. A mantra simply represents an idea or thought, so using mantras for anxiety is a great way to boost your mindset. These should be said in the present tense and can be repeated throughout your day or included in other practices. 

2. Meditation

There are many different meditation techniques that are used in manifestation. Including positive affirmations for anxiety in your practice is a great way to ground these messages into your subconscious. Try mantras for meditation such as ‘I am exactly where I need to be’, which serve as a focus for your attention. 

3. Journalling

Journaling is a powerful manifestation technique and allows you to focus your thoughts on what you want to bring into your experience. Try including positive affirmations into your daily journaling practice to build a more positive mindset. 

Key takeaway

Manifestation is a great example of how taking control of your life can help to soothe worry and anxiety. When we approach anxiety in a mindful way, it’s possible to become the observer of our feelings and become curious about them rather than judging them. 

Techniques such as meditation or using affirmations can help focus our attention on the present moment, allowing us to manifest from this space. If you’re ready to give this a go, try some of the techniques above, and see whether a mindful approach to your anxiety works for you. 

About the author:
Gareth Michael is a spiritual coach, teacher, channel of Michael, and author of the best-selling book Ever-changing Perspectives. He provides tangible, practical spiritual support stemming from his own life lessons and Michael’s profound wisdom and teachings. His personalized guidance helps people heal, find their spiritual direction, and understand their purpose.